Shabbat Service “Joy of Sharing”

February 20, 2015   7:30 PM

You are invited to join us for a “Joy of Sharing Circle” Shabbat Service.  Please bring a story, a picture, your favorite food or treat – anything that brings you joy – to share with your Temple Beth El family.  The Talmud tells us that when the month of Adar begins joy increases.

Remember, troubles shared are cut in half, shared joy is doubled!

“Light the candles and cover your eyes. Speak the words of blessing, or just say a silent blessing using whatever words you choose. And then slowly uncover your eyes. Imagine that you are seeing the light of those candles for the very first time. Take a few moments simply to appreciate that light and the very special Light that accompanies you through Shabbat.”*

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to share in the joy of Shabbat with your Temple Beth El family.

We hope you’ll stay for our Shabbat Oneg.  Oneg immediately follows service and is Pot-Luck.

*source: Judaism for Dummies; A Reference for The Rest of Us