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A Message From Our President

A MESSAGE FROM President Steve:

August 8, 2019

Dear Members and Friends:

Incredibly, it’s 2019. It seems as if the years come and go with far greater frequency, than in years past. When we were kids, time seemed to move at tortoise-like speed. In fact, it seemed as if it took forever for another birthday to roll around . So much so, that we often told our age in fractions, i.e., 7-and-a-half, 7-and-three-quarters, etc.

As we aged, however, the hands of time began to resemble a ceiling fan on high. “Eek, what? – not another birthday,” we’d exclaim!

Yet another shining example of wisdom at work. Wisdom, however, can only be gained through life experience. Therefore, kids cannot appreciate going through time, that is, essentially, “standing still.” Like most other life’s lessons, one must “grow-longer-in-the- tooth,” in order to fully grasp that fact of life.

As we embark upon another new year, we recognize the importance of “adult things” with which children pay little attention. Paramount among them, is the importance of good health. Something else maturing teaches us. However, having a sense of community, camaraderie and spirituality, are also of the utmost importance. And while I’m hoping that this missive finds everyone who is reading it, in the very best of health, I’d like to point out that we, at Temple Beth El of Hammonton, are proud to make the latter available to you and your family.

Our mission is unique. To provide a safe, comfortable, private place, for you to be with your higher power. Our lovely, quaint, sanctuary, is just such a place..

In addition, our spiritual leader, Rabbi Abby Michaleski, is, well……a true treasure! As Billy Joel famously sang, “She’s Got a Way.” Rabbi Abby has an engaging presence – one that exudes warmth and genuinely connects with others. For those of you who have yet to witness her conducting a service, I cordially invite you to do so. I’m certain you’ll find it rather refreshing. Our services combine tradition and creativity in both Hebrew and English, while utilizing song, prayer and meaningful teaching, in a spiritual way.

For those looking for Hebrew School for youngsters – with an eye toward studying to become a Bar, or, Bat Mitzvah – Temple Beth El offers that accommodation, as well.

Also, adding to our uniqueness, there is never a charge, nor, tickets to purchase, in order to attend ANY services at Temple Beth El – and that includes High Holy Days services, as well. Of course, donations are certainly encouraged and graciously accepted.

This year, Temple Beth El proudly commemorates our 85th anniversary in Hammonton, NJ. It truly is a monumental birthday and a true reason for celebration. We would greatly appreciate the honor of your presence for this historic event! Details will be forthcoming.  

Finally, as you have likely discerned, we currently occupy an America that has become increasingly divided. As such, few things seem of greater importance than the task of mending that divide. Therefore, we encourage you to look upon Temple Beth El of Hammonton, as a safe haven – one that takes pride in our inclusiveness – where all persons are equal and welcome!

Here’s wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, peaceful and joyous New Year! And, may all of your dreams come true in 2019!

Warmest personal regards,

Stephen R. Schwartz,  President