A Message from our President 2013/2014

SteveIt is my honor and pleasure to address you today as Temple Beth El’s president.  I would like to share with you some things about Temple Beth El that I consider to be very special and makes our synagogue such a unique congregation.

First, the most important component of a synagogue is not the elegance, nor opulence, of its structure, but rather, the quality of the individuals who comprise its membership – and their collective connection with their shul.  Although, few who have seen Temple Beth El – built in 1937 – could deny it’s lovely quaintness, or, old world feel.

It is, however, our members, where Temple Beth El shines most brightly.  Their collective enthusiasm and passion is undeniable.  As a shul with a rather small, yet very committed membership base, Temple Beth El’ers are noted for always pulling together to do whatever is necessary for our synagogue’s greater good.  This is not only done willingly, but with the highest level of devotion.

Obviously, finding the right synagogue for yourself and your family is extremely important.  Personally, when our family was searching for one, we visited many – but came away mostly with feelings of frustration.  My wife and I had serious doubts that we would ever find one that, well……just felt right – until we visited Temple Beth El.  When we did, we knew we had found the perfect fit.  I’m hoping you will derive a similar experience.

I can honestly say that the one component in which members of Temple Beth El take most pride, is that we judge no one.  Everyone is equal in our eyes and welcome at Temple Beth El.

I cordially invite you to visit Temple Beth El and see for yourself exactly what makes us uniquely special.  Perhaps, after doing so, you will consider becoming a member yourself.  Therefore, I strongly suggest that you attend one of Temple Beth El’s Shabbat Services – conducted by our spiritual director, Abby Michaleski.  I guarantee you will come away feeling better about life and the world we occupy.  Abby’s spirit and purity of soul is infectious and undeniable.  We are extremely fortunate to have her at our spiritual helm.

With the high holy days fast approaching and coming particularly early this year, we invite you to plan now to attend services here at Temple Beth El.  There are no tickets to purchase, but given the limited capacity of our sanctuary, I urge you to please make arrangements to attend early, so no one is disappointed.

Thank you so much for your time and here’s wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!  God bless you!

Warmest personal regards,
Stephen R. Schwartz