Erev Sukkot Community Gathering

September 27, 2015   4:30 PM

Our Sukkah is in need of it’s yearly sprucing up!  Please join us as we prepare the Sukkah for our “Sukkot Under The Stars” Dinner/Havdalah on October 3rd.  We’ll be putting up the walls, fixing the roof and hanging any decorations you may want to add.  Twinkling lights, paper chains and lanterns, fall leaves, and artificial fruit hanging from the ceiling makes our Sukkah beautiful, warm and welcoming.

Enjoy pizza and dessert with our TBE family!

Candle lighting is scheduled for 7:00 PM.

Hebrew School will begin at 4:30 PM in conjunction with our Erev Sukkot activities.

Everyone is welcome to stop by and pitch in.  Image result for etrog
Remember, we can never have too many helping hands!